Quality Full Care House Boarding

$575 -$675 a month

With your board you will receive:

*First class feeding program options including: LMF grains or another grain of your choice with your suppliments fed at no additional cost

Loose salt, and high quality timothy or grass hay and warm beet pulp in the winter. Feedings are 2-3 times a day

*Stalls cleaned 7 days a week

*Turnout at managements discretion, some large grass pastures and some mud free paddocks

*Free trailer parking

*All horses needs will be attended to

*Resident Vet and Farrier that make regular visits or use your own

*Weekly blanket cleaning pick up

Facility Amenities:

25 Acre facility located in Snohomish, approximately 4 miles outside Snohomish and Monroe

Hot water wash racks

Full Care stalls have dutch doors with back outside windows for light and opened in the spring and summer for ventilation, inside stalls have skylights

Ample cross tie get ready areas

Individual tack lockers

144 X 60 indoor arena with new roof and skylights, new observation room and footing

100 X 225 outdoor summer arena

Large grass pastures that are rested, cleaned and seeded once a year

Pastures have safe non climb horse fencing

1/2 Km exercise track

Multiple discipline barn with no drama