Summers on Mackinac Island, Michigan – Training Friesians

To give you a little background, Mackinac Island is a Summer Resort getaway that allows NO motor vehicles. It is nestled in the straits of Mackinac where the Upper and Lower Michigan peninsulas meet. Everything is horse drawn including the tour buses, the taxis, the freight dreys, and much more. For someone who is involved with the driving horse as much as we are, it is a wonderful place to be. Mackinac is also home to The Grand Hotel. A world famous Deluxe Summer Resort Hotel and the backdrop for the movie “Somewhere in Time” starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymore.

Working with horses on the Island is not just a “job” but an opportunity for us to step back in time to the “horse and buggy era”. Limited to transportation of horse and carriage, bicycle, or foot, and surrounded by water, Mackinac has escaped the vast changes of time to bring us back to a Victorian atmosphere. This page is a photo essay of the horses on Mackinac and a taste of our daily routine, so please enjoy.