Ricky Z

FHANA Star Stallion

Stallion Breeding Contract

Frozen Only

This contract made between The Driving Training Center (Don and Lisa Eckhardt) and

__________________________(purchaser) for breeding the mare__________________.

Mares Breed Registration ________________________Reg Number_______________.

Breeding Fee: $1000 to pure Friesians, $850 to other breeds which includes a non-refundable booking fee of $250.00, due upon execution of this contract. Discounts may apply to multiple mares. The balance, plus all other costs are due and payable upon confirmation of the mare’s pregnancy at 30-45 days. Any balance due that has not been paid within 60 days may be subject to a service charge of 12% interest each month. We do not offer live cover.

Breeding Season: Breeding season starts March 1 and ends August 31 of each year. It is understood that shipped semen is to be used only for the mare specified in this contract. If the stallion should die or become unfit for breeding, the stud fee and booking fee less expenses shall be refunded to the mare owner.


24 hours notice is required. The mare owner is responsible for all costs involved.

All shipping charges will be handled and paid by the purchaser through the DTC veterinarian, Dr. Paul Haffner 360-568-3972. Second day return on any shipping container is also required; please inform your vet clinic. Replacement cost of the Equitainer is $400. It is advisable to obtain insurance on the return shipment. 

Your veterinarian must certify that the mare specified in this contract was the recipient and that any unused semen was destroyed. This contract is non-transferable without written approval from the Driving Training Center and Don and Lisa Eckhardt. Please make sure you have an experienced veterinarian for artificial insemination.

Live Foal Guarantee

This contract contains a “live foal” guarantee: defined as a newborn foal that stands and suckles without assistance. If the mare does not produce a live foal, the mare owner will receive a return breeding privilege for the following season provided the mare owner notifies the breeder within 15 days of loss and sends confirmation of death signed by a licensed veterinarian. Collection and shipping fees will apply.

Mare Owner

The mare should be healthy and in sound breeding condition. A veterinarian health certificate and uterine culture are highly recommended prior to the shipping of semen. If the mare fails to settle in foal after two cycles, the farm may require the mare owner to obtain a current reproductive exam/uterine culture prior to further shipments.

The mare owner is responsible for obtaining a pregnancy confirmation exam at 30-45 days and forwarding the results to the farm.

The mare owner shall assume all responsibilities for the condition of the mare and shall bear risk of loss or damage to the mare, including but not limited to death, injury, and infection or by any cause whatsoever, including inappropriate or negligent insemination or failure of insemination. The mare owner holds harmless the farm, its owners, employees and agents from any liability for any and all damages.

Contract Signatures:

When the mare owner and the Stallion owner sign this contract, it will then be binding on both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions.

Stallion Owner:______________________________________Date Signed_____________________________

Mare Owner:________________________________________Date Signed_____________________________

Mare Owners Address_______________________________________________________________________

Home Phone:__________________________Cell:_____________________e-mail_______________________

Please return contract signed and include the following:

  1. $250 Booking fee
  2. Copy of Mare’s papers and photograph
  3. Mare owners veterinarian information

Executed contract copy will be returned to you.

Checks Payable to Don Eckhardt